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Native Look for Web Apps

Powerful, Simple, Clean

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Sourcebits, the design and development agency behind the incubation of ChUI, can help you get up and running quickly across platforms. To rapidly deploy your app with enterprise level support, contact Sourcebits.

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Everything You Need

Layouts & Widgets

Create the layouts you need, complete with CSS animations. Many widgets to choose from.

Make it Yours

Only include the parts you want. Customize the look and feel. Modify the JavaScript as you like.

Familiar Tools

HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. You know this stuff already. User your favorite work tools.

What People Are Saying

Treehouse Show: Episode 58
"ChocolateChip-UI is a mobile first framework. It has a bit of a twist: it includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The nice thing is, it gives you a native look for your Web applications… They’ve really designed this well. The documentation is very thorough. And it’s pretty easy to get started. And it’s also ChocolateChip-UI, so its the most delicious framework out there."
"ChocolateChip-UI’s beta debuted on Github roughly 3 years ago… the project has been gaining recognition as a powerful and performance-minded option for both mobile web and hybrid mobile applications targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8."
Steve Hannah
"ChocolateChip-UI (ChUI) is a real gem of a toolkit. The project has a small, well-defined scope that makes for a clean and polished API. It is well documented, slim, and easy to extend… It is hard to express just how good this toolkit is in relation to all others that I have tried so far. If we were to give any of the other toolkits a 10 out of 10, then ChocolateChip-UI deserves a 50 out of 10."
The Rock-n-Coder
"ChocolateChip-UI is a fantastic package which gives your apps the correct look and feel for the platform they are running on. Using PhoneGap's merges directory, you can make a build with the correct CSS files for the desired device."